Jim Hecker, DuJour Catering Owner

Jim Hecker, DuJour Catering Owner

Jim Hecker loves good food. His love for good food led him to start a nice little catering business that has since turned into one of the greatest ventures of his life. He’s catered over 500 events in the last 15+ years and has met an amazing number of families. When he and his wife Cindy aren’t in the kitchen or catering an event, they can be found hanging out with their family!

1. Where were you born?
Lafayette, Indiana

2. How long have you lived locally?
I moved here when I was 8.

3. Where did you go to school?
I went to Hempfield. Go Black Knights!

4. Tell us a bit about your family.
– Married to Cindy for 29 years this May 22nd.

– Daughter Nicole

– Son Nathan and Daughter Kylie.

– I also have a grandson named Jayden, who will be 10 in January 2018.

5. What jobs did you have prior to DuJour?
I worked at Ziemer Buick.

6. When did you start DuJour? And what led you to start DuJour?
In the year 2000, Cindy and I purchased a declining deli and catering service. We changed the name to “The Green Apple Deli and Grill” and “DuJour Catering”. A year later, the events of 9/11 happened. We lost half of our clientele. Stock market dropped to 6K and people were brown-bagging lunch for work. We held on for another two years and realized that the catering part was supporting the deli and decided to sell the deli building and focus on the catering aspect of the business.

7. What’s your favorite DuJour memory?
Too numerous to articulate just one event. Most of our wedding receptions are memorable. We have done swanky to cost cutter receptions. Sometimes the cost cutters were a lot more fun. 🙂

8. Have you ever catered for anyone famous?
We fed New Jersey Governor Chris Christie at his niece’s wedding reception.
Govenor Chris Christy

9. What’s your favorite DuJour menu item?
I have five. Our grilled marinated chicken. So moist and tender and our great homemade barbecue sauce. Our homemade Italian lasagna with sausage sauce. Our Steamship round (a 25 – 30 lb inside round, “Choice” Angus beef) with our homemade au jus sauce and served with horseradish. Our honey ham steak in our pineapple glaze. And our lemon thyme turkey!

10. What’s your favorite comfort food?
Pizza or a good hamburger.

11. What’s your favorite local restaurant?
In New Holland, Lickity Split. They have the most amazing chicken salad!

12. Any interesting facts about you?
Something people would be surprised to know – hobbies, talents, etc. I sang with the band Kansas. I sang “Carry on My Wayward Son” with them on stage.

Also, I like to do my own home improvement projects. I like challenges.


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